Urbanization Parties in Alicante

Every year in late summer to mid-August (dates vary according to the area) the different developments in the city of Alicante celebrate their own “festivities” with a weekend full of music, various activities and fun! Neighbourhood associations in the various developments prepare a very complete holiday program with a variety of activities and events. Verbena night, paella contests and the development of a giant for all the neighbours are some of the acts of which you can enjoy these days…

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Your 15 year old party with DAD Audiovisuals

When a girl turns 15 in some countries specially in Latin America the teenager is presented to society in a great party called Fiesta de quinceañera. The celebration marks the transition from girl to womanhood. It serves as a way to recognize the girl in question has reached maturity. We understand that this special day and it is important and that you want to have the best and latest technologies in sound, lighting and projection, where you can display images from…

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Night of San Juan on the beach natural lighting

The Eve of the Night of San Juan is a Christian holiday where bonfires are lit , intended to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice. We have a tradition where people gather on the beach and light a bonfire for protection. Different rituals are held, where fire plays an important role and the illumination is magical in this special night. Taking advantage of the firelight you can go to the beach for dinner and have snacks to welcome the summer.  …

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