Bonfires of Saint John 2015 in Alicante

The Bonfires of San Juan 2015 are almost here in all their splendor filling the streets of Alicante. These are some of the most important events you will be able to  enjoy these days: La Plantá. Parades of bands. Fireworks. Mascletás night contest. Light, sound and pyrotechnics show. Flower offerings Awards for the most innovative bonfires. Burning for the  hogueras. International fireworks competition , bright fireworks in the Paseo de Gómiz. You can not miss the best parties in the…

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Moors and Christians festivities

The Moors and Christians have become one of the most popular festivals in the province of Alicante and offer great visual appeal, since it brings together peculiar elements of the character of the people as a taste for special clothing, music and gunpowder. The root of this peculiar struggle goes back to the Battle of Lepanto, when his performance was a palatial game, which then transcend to the streets and squares. That fact became protagonist of the “miracle” of the…

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Projection for your next congress

Do you have a business and you have to go to a conference but you don´t  know how to present your material? Do you have an important meeting and don´t  know where to get a projection screen that fits your needs? We offer the best equipment and projection systems so nothing goes wrong with your presentations. We are passionate about the audiovisual world and we like to see our customers happy. We try to have at hand the best projection equipment to provide the best…

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