Tips for organizing a communion at home and not die trying

If you have a house with a large garden or live in a neighborhood where there are common areas with gardens or even a social club you can save money and organize the communion party yourself. In most cases more than half of the budget is spent on catering and renting space, so if you have the place, communion your son or daughther will get be much cheaper and you will be able to invest that money in other options such as decoration, animation, etc.

Here we leave you with some tips that you should consider so that the organization of your communion is a success. Take note!:

  • Choose what type of menu you are going to offer, the most recommended option is “buffet” style. Decide if you want to do it yourself or hire a caterer that prepares everything and takes it to your home, this will greatly facilitate the work. Another option is to eat out with the family or close friends and then offer a snack and sweet table with fun activities for children . If you decide to  cater the food you will have everything under control and if not just follow these tips:

– Do not complicate yourself choose food children love and leave the delicatessen for adults

-Choose one main color (take note the details of your son / daughter´s clothing or their favorite color) and buy everything to match that color. Do not forget anything: tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, cutlery, trays and containers to mount the sweet table or candy bar.

If possible leave the table “dressed” the day before with utensils. Design a main table that is beautiful and functional. Prepare another table for the area with an “open bar” with glasses and drinks for everyone to be served at home, or if any of your friends or a child wants to do bartending much better! If the party is in summer buy a lot of ice. Do not forget to put a container with straws for drinks, there are cool kinds right now and children love to watch as their drink goes all the way up to their mouth

Leave inside the fridge food in covered containers to serve (so they dont´ catch odors that may ne in the fridge).

  • Prepare a candy bar. Kids just love  goodies and sweets. You can also choose the option to order it, but if you do you can offer: assorted goodies, popcorn, cotton candy, cookies and lemonade. In this table you can also place the cake, if you hire a professional it will be much better, ask for it in advance, it is better that you ask for your your son / daughter´s favorite flavors, is not the time to innovate and offer new flavors . To decorate the table use color you have chosen or think of your favorite son / daughter´s hobbies you will be a hit for sure !.
  •  If you prefer to offer a healthier option prepare a fruit bar, which is basically a free bar all kinds of fruits, natural juices and biscuits. It is an innovative, fresh, colorful and very healthy idea
  •  If there are older people prepare  a “coffee zone” corner . Leave a table ready with cups, plates, spoons, sugar, saccharin, chocolates, sweet pastries and coffee capsules and teas.
  • Another way to save money is to create a gift list as they do at weddings. It includes what you might need and help you financially with clothing, accessories, reminders, details,  etc.
  • We recommend that you hire a professional who takes  photos and vídeo so you will have an unforgettable memory of that day. If you do not have enough budget you can also put on a table several disposable cameras  and ask guests to take pictures or ask a family member to be responsible for taking pictures with a digital camera.
  •  Decorate the space taking into account the colors chosen, you can hire a decorator or take care of it yourself, if you choose this last option here are some ideas:

-Use balloons to make a bow or to make corsages for tables or place a balloon with helium caught the back of the chairs.

-Create Details with elegant flowers such as lilies or white roses. You can also use colorful flowers combined with angels, doves or crosses.

If it is a closed enclosure and the walls are all white and a little bland you can opt for a soft light decoration in the tone you have chosen, it will be really nice.

-You can also decorate using candles and paper lanterns that can be placed in strategic locations in the garden or hanging from the trees. If the celebration is at night outdoor light decoration is fascinating.

  • The kids activities are certainly a key factor in any celebration with children, do not forget that games for a children’s party can not be improvised and it is highly recommended that you hire the services of an entertainer. In DAD we offer an extensive list of options and packs tailored to your budget so that money is not an impediment . No doubt the Karaoke is the Star at communions because it is fun and everyone can participate, but there are many more options: tracks scalextric, mobile disco, bouncy castles, human foosball, mechanical bull and much more !, request information without commitment. If you can not afford an entertainer, appoint a person in your environment to be with the children, you will have enough to take care with the rest. Search the Internet for games that are age appropriate and prepare a list with all the materials needed.

We hope these tips are useful to you and your  communion party is a success! If you have any questions or suggestions please write a comment below and we will answer as soon as possible.

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