The Moors and Christians have become one of the most popular festivals in the province of Alicante and offer great visual appeal, since it brings together peculiar elements of the character of the people as a taste for special clothing, music and gunpowder.

The root of this peculiar struggle goes back to the Battle of Lepanto, when his performance was a palatial game, which then transcend to the streets and squares. That fact became protagonist of the “miracle” of the patron saint, an event held every year.

Every year, different cities in the province are decorated like the Middle Ages to live out their festival. For three days there are festivals, parades and many events where people give the best of themselves to keep up on the circumstances, with the best lighting and  spectacular sounds. On the evening of the third day, the appearance of San Jorge ends the festivities until the following year. The patron of the city comes on top of the castle, on horseback and shooting arrows.. The audiovisual show is spectacular.

This year you can´t miss this iconic traditional festival, where you can enjoy an authentic medieval plot in the XXI century !