The Eve of the Night of San Juan is a Christian holiday where bonfires are lit , intended to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice.

We have a tradition where people gather on the beach and light a bonfire for protection. Different rituals are held, where fire plays an important role and the illumination is magical in this special night. Taking advantage of the firelight you can go to the beach for dinner and have snacks to welcome the summer.


A common practice is to put your feet in the sea and jump the waves, and why not? take a dip in the moonlight with the heat in this region these days is not bad. Don´t  forget to bring your bathing suits, and spare clothing for later.

In Alicante we must continue to party until we drop in the different barracks, which have the best lighting and sound in the province as well as audiovisual presentations that will leave you breathless.

From DAD Audiovisual Productions we wish all Alicantinos and tourists a spectacular night full of magical Audiovisual Productions.