We know that all musicians always have a key meeting point, a rehearsal hall. Everyone sets them up in different ways, according to their tastes and resources, there are large, small, orderly or chaotic rooms, in a garage, a storage space, a mezzanine …. But if you do not have yours yet  we leave you with 5 steps to build your own and lock yourselves in it.


1-The key is to find “your own space”, that place that is nothing but an empty space and just looking at it you can imagine your recording studio. It can be a garage, a storeroom, an old hall that nobody uses, a room …

2-To avoid complaints from neighbors it is better to request a permit from your city hall or a building permit before setting up. 

3– Soundproof. This is the fundamental step, the base of a good rehearsal space. It is not cheap but we  recommend skimping as little as possible, since it is the point that marks the success or failure of your rehearsal room. Here we leave some users links who already did the job and decided to share it on the web:

-This article by Ruben Hernandez, explains in detail how he built his own rehearsal  hall, a must read.

-This post published by Addar is great because not only is this his rehearsal studio it is also his home, so he had to be most careful

Here you will also you find useful information

4- Lighting: typical fluorescent tubes are unfashionable and they do not offer a very nice lighting. With the arrival of LED, we have access to plenty of simple options and at the same time very economic, two or three well-placed LED lights will turn your rehearsal hall into a cozy room and perfect for meeting friends

5- Your rehearsal hall is now ready! Now you need to place the equipment and start playing! And as you know, in DAD Audiovisual you can find all the PA equipment needed to get to work: speakers, microphones, mixing consoles, amplifiers, equalizers, etc, etc …. Give us a call for aquote without compromise.

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